Learning leaders, how effective is your
organization's strategy?

Strategy and Design Resources for Life Science Learning Teams

Is your L&D team's reputation one of learning impact and results, or are you in a constant battle to prove your value to stakeholders? 

Your organization's strategy drives your performance and therefore your reputation. But too often defining your strategy gets pushed aside, deprioritized behind tactical items and never-ending to-do lists.

We've worked with dozens of life science clients to help them define or redesign their L&D strategy, and in the process, boost their business outcomes.

Here, we've compiled the tools you need to evaluate and redesign your organization. 

Wondering if your strategy is sound? View our assessment and white papers to get started.


White Papers


Building an Organizational Strategy for L&D

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How to Optimize the Design of Your L&D Organization

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Assess Your Learning Organization's Strategy

Our 5-minute Organizational Strategy Diagnostic will help you determine whether your strategy is sound -- or if it needs refinement. Take the free diagnostic to evaluate your strategy and get personalized feedback on the following elements:
  • Vision
  • Services and Deliverables
  • Capabilities
  • Organizational Structure
  • Organizational Dynamics
  • Working Culture

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Gap Analysis

You’ve taken the Strategy Diagnostic and you want to go deeper. Our Gap Analysis package, which includes a 360-degree survey, will help you uncover opportunities for growth.  
How it works: We'll work with your organization's leadership and L&D team members to identify survey participants, administer the survey, analyze your results and deliver a comprehensive report. Our analysis will help you prioritize and address the gaps that have the greatest business impact. 

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The Strategic Plan

Once you have a thorough understanding of your organization’s gaps, we will develop a strategic plan to address them and improve your L&D team’s performance. 
How it works: Our team of experienced life science consultants will conduct stakeholder interviews to dive deeper into the gaps uncovered in the Gap Analysis. Findings uncovered in stakeholder interviews inform the creation of a strategic plan, which will provide targeted guidance for advancing your L&D team. 


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